Members of the Illinois Women's Lacrosse Umpiring Board

Any Rated or Probationary women's lacrosse umpire is considered a member of the Illinois Women's Lacrosse Umpiring Board after submitting dues to IWLUB. Each member of the Board is required to be a member of US Lacrosse, Inc. as an Official.


Annual Membership Dues -

New officials: Included in Clinic Fees for First Year.

Returning officials*: $53(If paid by January 1)  

                                    $98 (Late registration)  

Clinic Fees** 

New officials: $50 (early registration***) 

Returning officials: ($35 Included in Annual Dues)

$70 (Day of Clinic on-site registration) 

Yearly Arbiter License ($8 Included in Annual Dues)

due December 31

All IWLUB members must also be members in good standing of US Lacrosse. ($50 fee)


IHSA membership is required starting 2018

*A returning official is defined as someone who has reffed at least one Spring season. 

**Officials must attend a clinic every 1, 2, or 3 years depending on their on-field practical test score. 

***At least 1 week prior to clinic date 

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